Singapore Landscape Painting
The Imperative Landscape - Consciousness
The Imperative Landscape - Cosmos.jpg
The Imperative Landscape - Impermanence
The Imperative Landscape - Mount Meru
Unknowing - Triptych
Unknowing #1
Unknowing #2

Calls For A New Natural Order
by Zen Teh

A Solo Exhibition by Zen Teh
Curator: Kathleen Ditzig 

Calls for a New Natural Order is young artist, Zen Teh’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. The exhibition  brings together two bodies of landscape photography based artworks  developed over the last decade. Teh’s work which pictures idyllic natural landscapes sans human life are collages of refashioned forests at the outskirts of development or of nature reserves in city centers. Her landscapes are overaestheized and insidiously beautiful – reflecting the duplicitous desire we have for ‘natural’ landscapes in a world increasingly defined by the consumption and destruction of our natural resources.

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